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EP Daily - Devil Seed Interview

August 2nd, 2012     By Admin     Posted in News     Comments 3

Shaun possesses Devil Seed lead actress Michelle Argyris for all the gory details on the demonic horror movie.

For those of you who enjoyed the new internationally released film ‘Devil Seed’ 2012, here is an interview on EP Daily (Electric Playground) as actress Michelle Argyris speaks on behalf on her starring role and reveals some behind the scene details.

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Devil Seed - Year in Review

June 15th, 2013     By Admin     Posted in Film and Television     Comments 5

Just under two years ago freshly renamed “The Darkness” was preparing for its' worldwide debut.
through the great chemistry with all involved the movie turned out great and we are now in something like 56 countries! It is still impressing and surprising new audiences. The Darkness was renamed to Devil Seed to follow the wake of The Devil Inside but over the two years since their simultaneous releases Devil Seed has pulled ahead to be the audience and critic favourite of the two.

"the movie scared the crap out of me and definately gave me the willies!"
-Hulu Viewer

This is particularly impressive considering that Devil Seed was made for less than most movies catering budgets.

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Matchbox Pictures begins Production on New Feature "Kingdom Come"

Feb 19th, 2013     By Horrorbug     Posted in News     Comments 0

With the success of ‘Devil Seed’ under their belt, Matchbox Pictures is gearing up for principal photography on their next feature, ‘Kingdom Come’. Principal photography will begin on Monday February 25, 2013. The movie is about a group of strangers who wake up in an abandoned hospital and find themselves stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions. As they begin to question the coincidences that link their pasts, they soon realize that the decisions they make will seal their fates forever.

"We were looking for the right amount of creepy "
-Greg A. Sager/ Writer. Director
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