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Company Overview


Company Overview

Matchbox Pictures Inc. is managed by industry veterans who are devoted to the idea of making cost effective entertainment for the largest demographics possible. Matchbox Pictures intends to make wise use of matching the cost benefits of shooting in Canada with stories capable of grabbing the attention of worldwide markets to maximize perspective margins. Matchbox commits to promote their entertainment, wherever and whenever possible. Promotional appearances, tours, and interviews involving actors, directors, and writers are often critical for gaining attention and acceptance in today’s competitive marketplace. In addition, the company has relationships with key consultants and advisors who will be available to fill important roles on an as-needed basis..

"Every dollar needs to be seen on screen making the production value far greater than the budget would suggest."
-Greg A. Sager


Mission Statement

Matchbox Pictures is an emerging international corporate company engaged in the development and production of television for cable/broadcast and motion pictures for theatrical and direct to DVD release. Matchbox Pictures goals are to utilize the assets that Canada has to offer to make commercially viable entertainment appropriate for a target audience with a main focus on low risk – high return “genre” pictures.

The company has a wide slate of projects and is currently developing numerous feature length motion pictures and television projects. Our policy is to develop in-house scripts and never accept outside script submissions with a goal to finance a development slate over the next five years with budgets ranging from $100,000 to 2 million (Cdn).

"The great thing about the horror genre is you are able to hide in the inexpensive shadows..."
-Gary Elmer


Management Team

At the core of Matchbox Pictures are the founders, who bring to the company successful industry experience and in depth production and business expertise. This team is complemented by a support group of writers, story editors, consultants, lawyers, accountants, directors, cinematographers, post production facilities and executive producers. The three principals have experience in both creative planning and business. Dwight Coughlan has significant commercial production experience and is well versed in the film industry from both a creative and financial standpoint. Gary Elmer and Greg Sager bring years of active International film & HD production expertise as well as production development, management and execution.


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- Blogomatic3000