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CHEAT (Production - Fall 2014 / Release - Fall 2015)


CHEAT - Synopsis

Zoe, an unfaithful married woman has her life turned upside down when a romantic evening out with her husband in an attempt to salvage their neglected marriage turns deadly as she is violently abducted by a masked stranger.

Zoe awakes to finds herself being held captive by the masked man who's motives and intentions are uncertain as she must face the consequences of the choices she has made.

Terrified and alone with the fear of iminate death approaching with every passing moment Zoe must use her wits to try and escape before its too late but the truth may not only set her free...it just may very well kill her.

Cheat is an intense psychological thriller that asks the question, how far are you willing to go for love?




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'CHEAT' - Promo Poster A

RELEASED - Cheat Promo Poster 'Version A' released for Matchbox Pictures thriller shooting this fall.

'CHEAT' - Promo Poster B

RELEASED - Cheat Promo Poster 'Version B' released for Matchbox Pictures thriller shooting this fall.




(Now Casting)





To Be Announced

as Zoe Ellison.






Ry Barrett

as Chris Ellison.





To Be Announced

as Detective Rutherford.





To Be Announced

as Adam Cameron.


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