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DEVIL SEED (The Devil in Me - UK)



Devil Seed - Official Trailer

When college student Alexandra (Michelle Argyris) takes part in a psychic reading, it exposes more than she could ever imagined: the reading thrusts her into the darkness of the supernatural world.

Living in constant fear and uncertainty about what is happening, Alex seeks help to break free from the evil entity that has possessed her soul and intends to use her body as a gateway into our world . But is it already too late?


Michelle Argyris ... as Alex Froshiber
Shantelle Canzanese ... as Jessica Martin
Vanessa Broze ... as Breanne Whitaker
Kevin Jake Walker ... as Brian Wolski



Devil Seed now available on DVD and VOD

Devil Seed is now available on DVD, Bluray and VOD in over 43 countries around the world. The North America DVD and on line release was Aug 7th, 2012. Japans DVD release date was August 8th, 2012. Devil Seed was released in the UK under the title “The Devil in Me” on July 9th.





EP Daily - Devil Seed Interview

Shaun possesses Devil Seed lead actress Michelle Argyris for all the gory details on the demonic horror movie.

For those of you who enjoyed the new internationally released film ‘Devil Seed’ 2012, here is an interview on EP Daily (Electric Playground) as actress Michelle Argyris speaks on behalf on her starring role and reveals some behind the scene details.

Posted On: August 09, 2012





Michelle Argyris

Michelle Argyris is a North American born model/actress who began her modeling/acting career at a fairly
young age. Michelle's father, a creative director, featured Michelle in various commercials such as Esso Hockey Spot, Bell Mobility, and Sick Kids Help Phone all before the age of 12. Print and On camera appearances include work for Schick Razors, TD Bank, Virgin Mobile, Coca Cola, Doctor Pepper, Kelsey`s Restaurant, Premiere Fitness, CTV Olympics, and Ontario Lottery Gaming. Recently Michelle has appeared in BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE for Lionsgate, CW’s HELLCATS and SyFy series SCARE TACTICS. In DEVIL SEED, Michelle plays the title role of Alex Frobisher, an adorable, kind hearted but somewhat naive student is goaded into getting a psychic reading by her best friend Jess, which involuntarily unleashes something evil into their lives.

Shantelle Canzanese

Shantelle Canzanese is a talented North American actress with a host of acting credits. Such credits include “Word on the Street” Counterparts Productions, “Son of Sunshine” Heart Shaped
Productions, “Buck Wild” I-Kandy Productions, “Most Guys Today” Greek Chorus Productions, “Carmilla 70” Cinecide Media, and a host of TV credits including “Forensic Factor” for Discovery and “Crimes of Passion” for W Network.

In the feature film DEVIL SEED, Shantelle plays the character of
Jessica Martin, an outgoing, intelligent, and enthusiastic. Jess is the link between her best friend Alex and her long time friend Bree. but as Alex becomes increasingly susceptible to the demon attempting to possess her, Jess finds that it’s Alex not Bree who is uncharacteristically out of control.

Vanessa Broze

Vanessa Broze is a North American actress with head turning looks and an eye-catching figure. Vanessa’s credits include the lead role on Robanzo Pictures “Kenneyville”, Kalzone Production of “A Big Score” as well as various television roles for Discovery Channel’s “Forensic Factor” and History Channel’s “Aftermath”.

In the feature film DEVIL SEED, Vanessa plays the character of Bree, the stuck up roommate who thinks herself above everyone else. Bree was born with a silver spoon in her mouth that left her bitter, especially now that the spoon has been taken away. Quick to envy, Bree’s motivation for seducing Alex’s boyfriend is as much about competition as it is about being the center of attention.

Kevin Jake Walker

Kevin Walker is a North American born actor capable of working behind the camera as well as in front of it. As an actor, Kevin has had such lead roles as “Cold Blood” (Next Film), “Nostrom” (Nostrom Pictures), “Wasted” (MJM Productions) and “American Soldiers” (PPI). In tDEVIL SEED, Kevin plays the role of Brian Wolsky, a frustrated College Senior and boyfriend to the lead character Alexandra (Alex) Frobisher. Brian’s frustration is very much a product of his own impatience. Having dated Alex for over a year, Brian is fed up with Alex’s reluctance to take their relationship to the next level. While his frustration may be warranted, Brian’s true colors are revealed. Despite how desperately Alex needs him to help her through, Brian proves himself to be selfish, cowardly and ultimately the last thing a woman wants in a boyfriend.

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"...head and shoulders above any – and I mean any – recent possession flicks (I really can’t stress this fact enough)."
- Blogomatic3000