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Devil Seed - Year in Review

June 15th, 2013     By Admin     Posted in Film and Television     Comments 5

Just under two years ago freshly renamed “The Darkness” was preparing for its' worldwide debut.
through the great chemistry with all involved the movie turned out great and we are now in something like 56 countries! It is still impressing and surprising new audiences. The Darkness was renamed to Devil Seed to follow the wake of The Devil Inside but over the two years since their simultaneous releases Devil Seed has pulled ahead to be the audience and critic favourite of the two. This is particularly impressive considering that Devil Seed was made for less than most movies catering budgets.


#1 horror rental on iTunes Canada (2 weeks)

- Top 5% of all PPV movie rentals in Portugal on release
- Top ten horror rental on Itunes Canada (5 weeks)
- Lionsgate UK reported preliminary sales of Devil Seed DVD’s above expectations
- Top ten horror Shaw Cable (Canada’s second largest cable co.) PPV (6 weeks)
- Rogers on Demand top ten horror list.(16 weeks)
- Top ten movie download list (all movies) in Saskatchewan (Sasktel 4 weeks).
- #1 downloaded French horror PPV movie on Videotron Quebec (3 weeks)
- 24 weeks on the itunes new and notable horror list Canada
- French distributor reports higher than expected DVD sales.
- Three weeks on Shaw PPV most popular movie list (all movies)
- 4 weeks of top horror rental list on Itunes USA (Top 200 – 90% of time)
- 24 weeks top horror rental list Itunes Canada (top 200)

One of the biggest news bits in the last little while is that Devil Seed is now very recently available on RedBox Instant in the States.


“Scary good! “

Ready for Devil Seed 2”

“Was good n kinda sexy”

“Didn't have much hope for it,
but turned out to be pretty good!
Very surprised!! “

“Caught me off guard.
It was actually a decent film.”

“As fas as exorcism movies go,
this is a good one!”

HULU is a US based TV and movie streaming service...

"Best scary movie ever watched on Hulu"
"a very good movie"
"good movie"
"the movie scared the crap out of me and definately gave me the willies!"

Devil seed is available on Netflix US with a 3.2/5 star rating. No word when or if it will show on Netflix Canada.

Google play US is a streaming movie service in the States.
Worth seeing, good movie worth renting
It's watchable, a bit scary and hot girls
yeah, this movie is really good.
Very scary, do not watch alone in the dark

Our most recent rating from GooglePlay US from two months ago is a 5/5 star.

Canada loved Devil Seed. On its' release top ten PPV Horror across all the cable networks, top horror on Itunes on its' release. 3.5/5 stars English, 3/5 stars French

Even now on Itunes Canada Devil Seed is currently the 150th most popular horror of all time. This is ahead of all the Saw movies, and even the Shining. The French version “La Possedee” is currently #403 Devil Seed and La Possedee are still available for rental through Itunes.

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