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Matchbox begins Pre-Production for Vampire Film "AWAKENING".

July 2nd, 2014     By Admin     Posted in News     Comments

Matchbox Pictures has officially moved into Pre-Production on their Vampire film 'AWAKENING'. Script has been completed and budget in place. This will be Matchbox's biggest production to date. Anticipated principal photography is to begin in the fall of 2015. Locations of principal photography include London and Montreal.

Casting for the film should commence in early 2015 as funding is completed. Funding for the film will be through private investors and a crowd funding campaign. The film centres around a young woman left for dead that awakes years later and attempts to seek out and destroy the marauding pack of Vampires who viciously killed her entire family while trying to understand what it is that she has become.

The film written by Greg A. Sager will be Mathcbox Pictures fourth film. For investment opportunities in this film please contact us at for a complete investors package for this title as soon as it becomes available.

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