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KINGDOM COME – Making Noise Around the Web

The internet is a wild beast. Here is a collection of webites spreading the word of Matchbox Pictures supernatural thriller “Kingdom Come” which will be released fall of 2014.

Matchbox Pictures’ Kingdom Come a wrap

After closing Highbury Avenue in London March 23 for their final day of filming, local movie company Matchbox Pictures has wrapped their latest horror flick, Kingdom Come. WEBSITE LINK

Dread Central

Just in time for Cannes we’ve nailed down the sales art for the new flick from Matchbox Pictures (Devil Seed) entitled Kingdom Come, which features some form of badass demon front and center. WEBSITE LINK


Greg A. Sager’s indie thriller Kingdom Come is hitting the worldwide market at Cannes courtesy Imagination and we’ve got an exclusive look at the trailer. It’s certainly low budget, but it also looks like an original spin on the people trapped in an asylum sub-genre WEBSITE LINK


All Hell Breaks Loose in Greg A. Sager’s Kingdom Come. WEBSITE LINK

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