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Investment Opportunities

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Matchbox Pictures Inc. is a motion picture company that produces economically viable projects in varying formats. Our focus is on safe investment opportunities, capable of achieving the highest possible returns. We capitalize on current technological advances and continue to foster our unique brand of marketing and distribution partners with a slate of projects written by an experienced in house creative team.

Investment Facts

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There are several benefits to investing in small production companies versus other sectors. Investment in film, unlike real estate and the stock market, has a low correlation to the health of the domestic and global economy. Content from Independent production companies account for fifty (50%) of theatrical and video sales/rentals.

In a five year compounded annual return comparison, small production companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 28.7%, compared to 4.5% for the Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund. Motion Pictures vs. the S&P 500: 5-Year Compounded Annual Return.

According to data supplied by Morningstar on mutual fund asset classes, small production companies have a significantly greater compounded average annual return than any other mutual fund. According to Morningstar research, a hypothetical investment of $10,000 dollars in the average small motion picture company would have grown to $35,000 over the last 5 years, almost triple that of an S&P 500 index fund.

Available Projects

Current Investment Opportunities
Matchbox Pictures is currently seeking private and corporate Investors for its slate of motion picture and television projects. For more information or what projects are available for investment, please contact Fran Tran at ftran@matchboxpictures.ca. Don’t just watch movies…become a part of them!

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