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About the story...
Alexandra is a lively college student returning to live with her roommates Jessica and Breanne after the summer holidays. After a night of drinking, Alex agrees to a psychic reading to learn about her future with her boyfriend, Brian, but during the reading a dramatic turn of events causes SOMETHING to go drastically wrong. When Alex awakes the next day, she cant remember the events of the night before. She begins to hear creepy noises, hallucinate, black out and receive unidentifiable scratch marks all over her body.

Afraid shes going crazy, she seeks help from her friends but Jessica, Breanne and Brian are incapable of comprehending the scope of the darkness descending UPON her. Instead, Alex receives help from a school professor and his father who have dealt with the supernatural before. But as Alexs condition worsens, it becomes apparent that it may already be too late to stop the entity from using Alexs body as a gateway into our world.

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Meet The Cast

Of Devil Seed

Michelle Argyris

as Alex

Shantelle Canzanese

as Jessica

Vanessa Broze

as Breanne

Kevin Jake Walker

as Brian

Michael G. Wilmot

as Father Madison

Wayne Mcaulay Conroy

as Professor Madison

The Gallery

Photos and Production Photos from the film.


Release Info
UK 9 July 2012 (DVD premiere)
Canada 7 August 2012 (DVD premiere)
USA 7 August 2012 (DVD premiere)
France 6 November 2012 (DVD premiere)
Nether 20 November 2012 (Blu-ray/DVD)
Italy 16 January 2013 (DVD premiere)
Germany 11 April 2013 (DVD premiere)
Technical Specs
Runtime 1 hr 48 min (108 min) (Canada)
1 hr 38 min (98 min) (edited)
Color Color
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
Camera Red One Camera

The Latest News

On Devil Seed

What People are saying…

Kingdom Come had incredibly dark backstories for each character. Daniel the Devil was a brilliant antagonist – besides, he’s incredibly fashionable – it’s a dark horror film filled with twists and turns...

The Horror Movie Maniac

"...director Greg A. Sager does a really, really nice job retelling this classic story of devil finds girl, devil loses girl, devil finds new girl to plant his demon spawn into. The film is a combination of "The Exorcist" meets "Rosemary's Baby""


"After having watched hundreds of horror movies over the years, my initial assumption of with this movie I was proved wrong. I completely fell in love with Alex, played by Michelle Argyris. All of the characters were solid, believable and even likable."

Erin Griffith

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