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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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Our Process

Story matters... the script

Storytelling is as old as humanity. Without a great story you will never create a great film. Our focus on story is first and foremost with our in-house writing team. We specialize in genre driven films with marketing appeal.

THEN good casting...

Casting is a very important process that helps us choose the right actors and actresses to bring our stories to life. Our reputation with Toronto Agents and Casting Directors is second to none allowing us the access to the right Union or Non-Union talent for any story.

Pre-Production... The details

Third Step
The most critical bit of any production is the nitty-gritties gathered before the camera starts rolling. Most magic happens in the planning and logistics phase. Every decision on a project should be made with a purpose. That’s why we develop a unique strategy for each project that clearly identifies its target audience. Using project management, we implement and adapt the strategy throughout the entire project to make sure every dollar spent is seen on the screen.

Production... The Filming

A key, focused and agile crew is what sets us apart. In conjunction with the proper tools we have the ability to create a visually and creative films within modest budgets beyond what these budgets would suggest. We pride ourselves on our ever growing family atmosphere of all our productions which allows for creativity to flourish.

Post-Production... Putting it all together

Fifth Step
Our in-house Post-Production facilities, from Editing, Visual FX to Colour Grading and Delivery allow for making the most out of the Post-Production process. Key collaborators in this area allows for seamless integration of all the steps throughout both the video and audio post-production on any film.


Our network of distribution partners (eOne, Lionsgate, Indican Pictures, ect) we have assembled throughout our history, which continues to grow with each and every project, allows for our films to reach audiences in over 60 countries around the world through multiple domestic and international platforms, cable providers and streaming services.