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KINGDOM COME (Release - Fall 2014)



Kingdom Come - Official Trailer

A group of strangers wake up in an abandoned hospital to find themselves stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions. As they begin to question the coincidences that link their pasts they soon realize the decisions they make will seal their fate forever.


Ry Barrett ........................... Sam
Camille Hollett-French ... Jessica
Jason Martorino ............... Daniel
William Foley .................... Charles
Soroush Saeidi ................ Nadir
Jo Jo Karume ....................Roger
Katie Uhlmann ................. Rachel
Ellie O'Brien ...................... Ceilia



Kingdom Come - Synopsis

A group of strangers awake, trapped inside an old abandoned mental hospital. With no apparent way out and no one being able to remember how they even got there, they begin searching for a way to escape. As they explore the cold, dark maze of corridors, they realize they are not alone and that they are being stalked by supernatural forces with sinister intentions.

For Sam (Ry Barrett) and Jessica (Camille Hollett-French), keeping Celia (Ellie O'Brien), the youngest member, safe proves to be just as difficult as keeping the group together as hostilities grow between them. Everyone begins to question each other's motives as secrets linking their pasts are revealed. One by one they begin to disappear; all that is left behind to be found by the others is the devastation and carnage of their demise.

As everything and everyone unravels, they start to understand that all the windows that have been boarded up from the inside are not so much there to keep them in, but to keep whatever evil lurks outside…out. In this place nothing is as it seems, and the decisions they make here will seal their fate forever.









Ry Barrett

Ryan began his career as the one-liner spouting, lead character in the 2004 horror/comedy ‘Desperate Souls’. He followed up in the Troma release ‘Kill’, and a role in the Lions Gate/Maple release ‘Psycho Ward’. Barrett went on to star as the lead character in the psychological thriller ‘Neverlost’, a role he received critical commendation for, as well as a 2011 Toronto International Film and Video Award (TIFVA) for Best Actor in a Feature.






Camille Hollett-French

Born in Montreal, Camille grew up in Brampton, Ontario and later made the move to Toronto. A self proclaimed film nerd, Camille caught the acting bug landing parts in the short films ‘The Deranged President’ and ‘Making “The Domino Effect”’.





Jason Martorino

Jason is a Toronto-based actor and singer. Jason currently plays the lead character of Charlie Porter in the ongoing sci-fi web series, Posthuman. He has also been in a number of independent films, commercials and stage/theatre productions.





William Foley

With close to 20 years as a professional actor William has acted on stages, in gymnasiums, parks, country clubs and even in a tavern or two all over Canada. A steadfast devotee of whim and circumstance, William has enjoyed bumping back and forth in pinballish fashion and has lived in many odd corners of our beautiful country including the hull of a tug-boat in the north Pacific..





Saroush Saedi

Soroush is an actor who hails from the UK. He has trained all over the world perfecting his craft in places like L.A., London, and even Dubai. Soroush believes that acting is an art where the ac tor does not simply portray a character, but where one becomes the character, walking in their shoes and feeling what they feel.





Jo Jo Kharume

Jojo is a Toronto actor and one half of the Toronto-based HipHop group TYMEPEACE. He is also the Director of Solid Water Music and Film..





Katie Uhlmann

Katie attended Lakefield College School in Lakefield, Ontario. She is a graduate of the Drama Program at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and she has studied Entertainment and Media Management at UCLA in LA. While in LA Katie also studied under Aaron Speiser (acting coach to Will Smith, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez, ect…) at his studio. Katie has also studied at “Improv for Actors” at “Second City” and at David Rotenberg’s School in Toronto.





Ellie O'Brien

The oldest of 5 siblings, Ellie (age 10) and her family recently moved from Scotland to Toronto, Ontario. At the tender age of four, Ellie knew she wanted to be an actress. Having a phenomenal memory for lines and the ambition to be on-camera, Ellie asked her parents to help her achieve her goal and away they went. With a number of commercials under her belt, this is Ellie’s debut feature film. In her free time Ellie enjoys singing and reading.

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